Blogger formatting frustrations

Header Photo Credit: Lorenzo Cafaro (Creative Commons Zero License)

I haven't been posting new blogs for a while after getting fed up with how difficult it is to get nicely formatted code snippets into Blogger. Using the site's rich text editor strips out much of the whitespace (tabs and carriage returns, in particular) making the code unreadable. I really just wanted to copy&paste my code from Visual Studio and keep the format, the font colors, etc.

I started the process of setting up my own WordPress instance (using MS WebMatrix), but was concerned about losing the links to my old posts, etc.

Then it occurred to me that Blogger has an email-to-post feature - and it supports HTML emails. So, I just need to craft my posts as rich text emails and submit them that way. Much easier!

Now if only I could draft HTML emails from my iPhone. At least I can edit them in another app and copy&paste into the mail client.

So, expect some blogs in the next week. I'm working on some unit testing related posts, beginning with a Rhino.Mocks overview (mainly for some of the folks at my new job).